Giles Williams
Real Estate Coordinator EMEA

Giles Williams is a Chartered Surveyor and has worked in the UPS Real Estate Department for more than 20 years, before which he worked in the property agency and development sectors. Originally covering UK & Ireland he has gradually become responsible for a wider geographical area until he was appointed UPS Director of Real Estate for Europe Middle East & Africa in 2013. This UPS Region comprises approximately 550 facilities with a floor area of approximately 25 mill sqft and a mix of uses including local delivery centres, ground and air parcel sorting hub facilities and big box warehouses. In 2015 UPS announced a five year programme to expand their already extensive European facilities network with capital expenditures of $2.0 Billion. This capital expenditure is enabling new facility openings and the provision of automated conveyor sorting systems in a number of Western European countries and also in developing markets in Eastern Europe, Turkey and Middle East.