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Pre-conference briefing: Tapping into the market boom

The industrial and logistics sector continues to thrive whilst other commercial property sectors face an uncertain future. The opportunity for new investors and less specialist developers to enter the market is significant. This market briefing will impart new entrants with critical insight and in-depth analysis of the constraints and opportunities in the sector.

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Mark Easton, Home Editor, BBC

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The economic and practical impact of Covid-19

Presentation – Property sector economics

The full economic ramifications of Covid-19 are still playing out, with seemingly daily announcements of new packages of support to business, the economy and the community and a mounting debt already worth £2.1 trillion. Whilst the industrial and logistics sector continues to thrive as a result of the impact of the pandemic, this session will explore the fiscal repercussions for the sector and UK plc as a whole over the next 3-5 years. How are we going to pay for pandemic? What will be overall effect on the property sector?

Presentation – Industrial and logistics market overview and outlook

The industrial and logistics sector has witnessed 5-10 years of growth in just a 12 month period. The seismic shift and growth of online retail has pushed up land prices and instigated the biggest uptake on record. But what does the future hold for the sector? With more money coming in than there is stock, where is investment growing? What is the future of speculative development and what sectors are still performing well beyond retail?

Panel – Market trends: A catalyst for change?

Covid-19 has accelerated the shift to e-commerce by 5 years, expediting the digitalisation of the workplace and supply chain. But what impact has the pandemic had on other market trends? And what does this mean for industry and occupiers? Exploring the opportunities and challenges, from ESG through to leasing structures, our panel of experts will look at how the industry is responding to the pandemic. Where are the opportunities to challenge the norm and forge new ways of working in the marketplace?

In the pursuit of net zero: refocusing on sustainability and achieving zero carbon

The Environment Bill is due to pass imminently. Real estate and construction is responsible for almost 40% of energy and process related emissions, and the legislation will undoubtedly impact developers and occupiers. Covid-19 has refocused many minds on the challenges of achieving sustainability, but what was innovative two years ago is now outdated. How can developers future proof their assets to meet ESG goals? What are they doing to plan for 2050? What are the challenges that fund managers have in meeting their commitment to net zero?

Panel - Evolving institutional specification: no one size fits all?

Is the traditional spec soon to be obsolete? With automation, green technologies and last mile logistics to name a few, innovation within the sector is pushing the boundaries on design. What are the requirements for future fit warehouses? How much power and energy is required to enable advances in proptech and electrification? With the collapse of bricks and mortar, how can we repurpose existing retail properties to bridge the gap in demand whilst delivering across a growing spectrum of need?

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A new era for planning?

Demand continues to outstrip stock with appropriate allocation of land constrained by guidance and legislation within the planning system. Major national infrastructure projects in logistics have already paved the way for change, allowing developers to leapfrog local government and head straight to central. Could this create a catalyst for change in industrial? What opportunities are there within the planning system to transform obsolete retail stock into more sustainable hubs?

Spotlight: Data hyper centres

As a lucrative new entrant in the commercial space, the increasing need for data storage means hyper centres are growing in demand and have the potential to double land value for B8 use class. What are the requirements of data centres? What is their power, space and location needs? And critically, what risk and long-term yield do they proffer?

Spotlight: Last mile delivery

Amazon’s overhaul of London Wall’s car park into a cycle delivery hub marks a step change in thinking for last mile delivery and great progress for sustainability. As RESI, retail and office continue to stumble, what opportunities could these create in providing a solution to last mile delivery? Our spotlight session will explore what next for last mile delivery.

SHEDs of the future: breaking away from convention

What does the future hold for warehouse purpose and design? There has been much talk over the years of SHEDs and BEDs; the repurposing of retail parks and office space could provide much needed opportunities for multi let click and collect hubs, and offer an alternative to last mile. Disruptive thinking around how space can be used, like Amazon’s London Wall car park, presents huge potential for the sector. We explore some of the innovative and future thinking projects that are breaking away from convention to provide a new offering to the sector. But how viable are these new forms? And what are their constraints, challenges and benefits?

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