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Arrival, registration, & breakfast networking
Welcome from Property Week and chair’s opening remarks
Panel: The Bigger Picture: Examining the Economic Outlook and Market Trends

A comprehensive discussion on the current market considering the latest key trends, drivers of economic growth, and the future of the industrial and logistics market.

  • Exploring future market trends- how can we keep up?
  • Utilising current data to make predictions and prepare for what’s next in urban logistics
  • Analysing current economic factors and their impact on the industrial and logistics real estate market
  • Taking advantage of a changing market and maximising growth opportunities
Looking to the Future: Planning for Energy Infrastructure

This session focuses on practical solutions for solving energy creation issues, managing storage needs, and combatting rising costs. From understanding the needs of stakeholders to navigating the use of robotics and the electrification of vehicles, how can we best build infrastructure fit for a greener future?

Coffee break & networking
Panel: Policy, Regulation, and Planning, Oh My!

Examining the impact of government policies, regulations, and planning guidelines on the industrial and logistics real estate market.

  • Unpacking new regulations and what they mean for operations- what will the future of logistics look like in the UK?
  • How do these factors influence market development and investor decisions?
  • The case for a National Supply Chain Infrastructure Framework- improving partnership working and reinforcing the sector’s role as critical national infrastructure
  • Evaluating the benefits, risks, and costs of local and national operations
Case Study: Navigating Challenges in Supply and Zoning for New Developments

Addressing the issues related to the supply of logistics space, zoning regulations and how these factors are affecting the market dynamics and rental growth. What can you do to prepare yourself?

Panel: The Continued Rise of E-commerce: What’s New?

This panel will share insights on how the growth of e-commerce is reshaping the demand for logistics spaces.

  • The shift towards regionalised operations- improving delivery times and reducing costs in the last mile
  • Comparing the different types of warehouse solutions- what is the best fit for you?
  • Ultra-modern solutions to ultra-modern problems- keeping up with shifting consumer demands
  • What do these changes mean for development sites and the labour force?
  • Looking beyond- how the rise of advanced manufacturing and entertainment production are impacting the landscape
Lunch and Networking
Panel: Putting Sustainability and Green Initiatives at the Heart of Industrial Real Estate Developments

Exploring the increasing importance of environmental compliance in the logistics sector, including the impact of green features on property value and marketability.

  • Strategies for minimising waste and maximising energy efficiency in all aspects of the supply chain
  • Collaborating with landlords and tenants to improve operational energy efficiency
  • Decarbonisation tools for meeting net zero targets and supporting ESG goals
  • Incorporating green infrastructure in new developments to deliver biodiversity net gains while enhancing property value
Panel: The Future of Logistics: Harnessing the Power of New Innovations and Technological Advancements

Showcasing the role of technology in logistics, including advancements in supply chain management, automation, and how technology is being integrated to solve logistical challenges.

  • Integrating new technologies into long-term plans to ensure supply chain resilience and maintain a competitive edge
  • Utilising new technology to reduce costs and improve efficiency across all aspects of the supply chain
  • Automation, robotics, and more- taking advantage of what is available on the marke
  • A changing workforce- what the rise of technology and automation means for labour demands
Coffee break & networking
Panel: Meeting Tenant Demands and Building Future - Makes a Good Neighbour?

Speakers in this session will discuss the evolving needs of tenants, including the demand for longer-term leases, and the construction of facilities that are adaptable to future needs and technologies.

  • Giving back: looking further into how new development and redevelopment plans can deliver social value in local communities
  • Engaging with local communities to better understand the needs of tenants and create mutually beneficial improvements
  • The next generation- recruiting and retaining an adaptable workforce representative of the communities you work within
  • Working with developers to advance infrastructure that promotes environmentally sustainable and socially beneficial developments Designing and planning mixed-use developments to benefit both business and community needs
Panel: Developing Resilient Investment and Financial Strategies in Industrial Real Estate

Exploring the investment landscape, challenges, and opportunities in the UK’s industrial and logistics real estate market.

  • Navigating the ongoing macroeconomic challenges- knowing when to seize opportunities and when to proceed with caution
  • Key insights on muted investment activity and analysing what it means for business
  • Comparing rental growth versus vacancy rates across regions and identifying strategic investment opportunities
  • Evaluating prime versus secondary assets- how to make the most of the polarised market
Conference Round Up
Drinks reception & canapes