2018 Industrial & Logistics Conference Agenda

Please note: This is the previous agenda for the 2018 conference. The agenda for 2019 is coming soon...

Each session consists of a number of presentations in different delivery styles - short presentations, TED-style talks, and interviews. They vary in length and angle; the main stage sessions have a broader perspective and the breakout sessions focus on specific issues. We take our audience on a journey, questioning the status quo and bringing the latest thinking to the fore.

Registration Opens - Breakfast
Liz Hamson
Property Week
Mark Easton
Home Editor
BBC News
The economic view: managing uncertainty

What is really going on in the global economy? Delivered by the leading economist, the opening talk will assess the state of the UK economy, focusing on the key issues: 

• What can financial markets tell about the global economy in 2018?
• What are the drivers behind the current global growth and what are the risks to it?
• The inflation puzzle  -  why it hasn’t stirred already?
• Moving the wheels on consumer spending and wage growth in the UK
• Solving the UK’s productivity conundrum
• Brexit  -  what to expect next

    James Knightley
    Chief International Economist
    The industry view: disrupting the status quo

    How are shifting occupier demand and globalisation advances in technology impacting on the real estate and logistics market in the UK and internationally?

    Amaury Gariel
    EMEA Industrial and Logistics Managing Director
    What does the future look like for retailers?

    What does the current bloodbath on the high street mean for the sector? This session will also explore how retailers are responding to lifestyle and technological changes that are transforming the way consumers shop and engage with brands. How can retailers integrate online and physical worlds for a seamless customer experience, and how can data be used to measure and interpret consumer behaviour?

    Kevin Mofid
    Director, Research
    Jeremy Collins
    Former Property Director
    John Lewis
    Karin Cabili
    Founder & CEO
    Dropit Shopping
    Raimund Paetzmann
    Vice President Corporate Real Estate
    Coffee and networking break
    Labouring the point: jobs and skills

    Post Brexit, how will the UK bolster its domestic workforce - especially as in some industries technology is racing ahead of the skills employees currently possess?  The session will discuss the availability of labour and the skills shortage and look at ways of addressing the shortage. It will also explore how new technologies and shifting consumer preferences are creating new market dynamics, and affecting both businesses and employees across the UK.

    Marley Morris
    Senior Research Fellow
    Kevin Harrington
    EMEA Transaction Manager
    Paul Weston
    Senior Vice President - Head of London & SE Markets
    Sally Bruer
    Head of Research
    Liz Hamson
    Property Week
    The future is now: How is innovation transforming the way we live, work and play?

    Technological innovation is driving the new industrial revolution. Powered by the Internet of Things, early adopters have already started tapping into the huge potential of robotics, AI and smart data. This session will examine innovation from both business and individual perspectives - with the focus on Generation Z - including who owns data and ethical issues around machine learning.

    Paul Lee
    Partner, Global Head of Research
    Deloitte UK
    Ben Towers
    CEO & Founder
    Towers Design
    Lunch & Networking
    In Conversation With: ‘not everything everywhere, but something for everywhere’

    While large-scale infrastructure investments across the UK are critical for rebalancing the economy, so far most have been concentrated in London, the South East and the ‘golden triangle’ where land values and wages are already high. How can investment be encouraged in other regions and cities? What investment is most needed and where? What is the role of local governments to attract investment and large employers to their regions?

    Bernard Molloy
    Global Logistics Director
    Iain Willox
    Head of Business Development
    Welsh Government
    Peter Ward
    Chief Executive
    UK Warehousing Association
    Is industrial property in a bubble?

    Overseas capital has flooded into the UK over the last few years, driven by the cheap pound, and the industrial sector has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of this influx. But if there is a danger of the market overheating? And where are we at in terms of the property cycle for industrial? We will compare the UK and Europe and explore advantages of investing in either

    Michael Hughes
    Ekaterina Avdonina
    Managing Director
    Delin Capital Asset Management
    Phil Redding
    Chief Investment Officer
    Mike Green
    Senior Director, Real Estate, Head of UK Industrial & logistics
    Aviva Investors
    Matthew Byrom
    Managing Director UK
    First Panattoni
    Peter Damesick
    Consultant, Real Estate Research and Strategy
    Coffee and networking break

    Breakout Sessions

    Transport Infrastructure

    There is a limited number of sites in the UK that can accommodate a truly multi-modal scheme. Where do the opportunities lie and how can these sites be unlocked?
    What barriers need to be overcome to create new transport infrastructure and how can we better utilise current infrastructure?
    How do we build a multi-modal network that is fit for today and is future-proof?

    Oliver Treneman
    Park Development Director
    DP World London Gateway
    Richard Williams
    News Editor
    Property Week
    Michael Hughes
    David Legge
    Legge Consulting

    Is investing in multi-let estates a sound long-term strategy? 
    Are we seeing the shift from private equity capital to institutional investment?  And if so,  what does this mean for the sector?
    How transformative will technology be to multi-lets?
    How is the occupier demand for greater flexibility and shorter leases changing the market dynamics?

    Julian Carey
    Property Director
    Bill Page
    Business Space Research Manager
    Legal & General Property
    Steve Sharman
    Research Partner
    Gerald Eve
    James Whitmore
    Competition for space: bringing industrial and residential opposites together?

    How can a balance be struck between local authorities’ housing targets and the growing demand for industrial land?
    Do the mixed use and intensification provisions of the GLA’s draft London Plan intervene enough to protect industrial occupiers?
    Will mixed-use industrial and housing developments work? What are the challenges of the two uses coexisting?
    Can PRS or student housing offer a solution?

    Jonas Lencer
    dRMM Architects
    Alan Holland
    Business Unit Director
    Bridget Outtrim
    Savills SE Industrial
    Paul Tebbit
    Managing Director
    Adam Ratzker
    Galliard Homes
    The new challenges for warehouse design

    How is occupier demand, accelerated automation and the emphasis on speed and efficiency impacting on warehouse design?
    What is the potential of concrete frames and columnless warehouses? And what of off-site construction?
    Going vertical – how is the need for more advanced technologies impacting on the height of warehouses?  Will tall warehouse become the norm as automation increases?

    Warren Cobb
    Director of Construction, Corporate Real Estate, UK & Ireland
    Peter Peeters
    Chief Technical Officer
    Chris Wallis
    Business Development Manager
    Richard Powell
    Construction Director
    St Modwen
    Guy Montague-Jones
    Deputy Editor
    Property Week
    Close of Day 1 - Drinks Reception
    Gala Dinner & Awards commence

    We are delighted to invite all our attendees to a gala dinner and awards ceremony on the evening of the 17 May at the event venue. The awards dinner will be an unmissable occasion for the industry to come together and celebrate its outstanding achievements and award its brightest stars.

    Your delegate pass offers you automatic access to the dinner and awards, included in the delegate rate.

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    Day 2

    Registration Opens - Breakfast
    Distruption in Action
    Charlie Pool
    Duncan Walker
    Managing Director
    Patrick Weiss
    Property Acquisitions Manager
    Coffee and networking break
    Delivering on last mile delivery

    In a bid to stay ahead of the game, retailers are continually looking at new technologies and services to improve delivery speed and efficiency in that all-important last mile. Are we really poised to see delivery robots and drones outside our front door?  Will our roads soon be full of electric and autonomous vehicles, and what effect will these vehicles have on road infrastructure? Will 3D printing allow parts of production parts to move last-mile facilities?  What impact will all of this have on retailers and their real estate requirements? How are urbanisation, demographic changes and hyper-consumerism reinventing supply chains in global cities?

    Andy Gulliford
    Chief Operating Officer
    Sally Duggleby
    Head of Industrial & Logistics Occupier Services
    Giles Williams
    Real Estate Coordinator EMEA
    David Kozack
    Head of Real Estate, Construction and Engineering Law
    Lunch and farewell networking
    Final shuttle bus and conference ends

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