The future in focus


Day one

At the start of this year’s Industrial & Logistics Conference, we will assess the bigger picture, looking at how your sector is being impacted by issues beyond your control and considering solutions to the challenges faced.

Welcome and opening session

The debate on high street and retail regeneration – Bill Grimsey, Public Speaker & Author of ‘The Vanishing High Street’

In recent years, campaigns have been galvanised to ‘save the High Street’. It seems everyone has a view about how we can revamp our down-at-heel towns and cities. But are they all missing the point?

Veteran retailer Bill Grimsey argues that it is already too late. The High Street as we have grown to know it, is good as dead already. So what happens next?

Then join us for a high-level panel debate with the companies that matter most: the occupiers looking to the commercial property world to support their business strategies at a time of unparalleled change.          

Panel: What occupiers want

We’ve invited some of the most influential occupiers to outline their ambitions, home in on their challenges and lay down the gauntlet to the industrial & logistics sector. They’ll tell us how their world is changing; how it’s being challenged in the short term by Brexit and transformed in the long term by smart technologies, transport connectivity and by the rapid rise of online retail and home delivery. 

Networking and drinks reception
Dinner Debates - hosted by industry experts

Join us for dinner - but be prepared to talk as well as eat! Each of our tables will be hosted by an industry expert, who’ll lead a discussion on one of today’s burning industry issues.

Day two

To kick things off, futurologist Daniel Hulme will consider how Artifical Intelligence (AI)  and connected technologies could transform society, business and supply chains. 

Keynote speaker

To kick things off, futurologist Daniel Hulme will consider how Artifical Intelligence (AI) and connected technologies could transform society, business and supply chains. 

How an AI-enabled world will work - Daniel Hulme, CEO, Satalia, TedX speaker

As AI adoption accelerates, individuals, governments and businesses have to confront some fundamental questions. How will humans interact with technology – and with each other in connected communities? How will we access global resources? How will we trade, buy and consume? Daniel explains how we can adapt our businesses to make sure we grasp the AI opportunity, rather than fall victim to the AI threat. 

Key topics include:

Shifting sands: Socio-economic outlook

How will Brexit affect the industry and what is the global view of this political conundrum? What are the long term implications of this change?


What are the trends that are shaping consumer behaviour and changing demand, and how do they impact on owners? What technology is driving this and how are occupiers responding?

The construction evolution

How will same day and next day delivery evolve in urban markets and what does it mean for warehouse design? How can warehouse space be optimised, calculated and ultimately valued?

Navigating the great tech-tonic shift

What does the automated warehouse of the future look like and what are the challenges businesses will face when looking to embrace the application of automated technology?

Location, location, location

With the evolution of ‘last mile delivery’, retailers are looking for distribution centres outside of The Golden Triangle – what are the emerging regions and factors to consider when finding the best location?

Fifty Million Pound Drop

We ask 3 Fund Managers if they had £50 million to invest in the sector, where would they invest and why?

A change of perspective: reshaping the view of the industry

How can the industry attract new talent and drive diversity within the workforce?

End of Conference
Drinks reception
Event dinner

We get the evening underway with a drinks reception followed by a relaxed BBQ dinner. Mix and mingle, indoors and out, with colleagues, peers and many of our high-profile conference speakers.